One-time or periodic donations to our PLN genetic heart disease Foundation in general or specifically for our PLN transatlantic research project 2017-2022 are highly appreciated! The PLN genetic heart disease Foundation is a 100% transparent Foundation: all expenses are donated either by a private individual or paid for by the volunteers that incur them, meaning all received donations are for 100% attributed to PLN related scientific research projects.

Help giving a better future to PLN gene carriers

Our PLN Foundation was founded by patients who suffer from this inherited PLN disease. The primary objective of the Foundation is to initiate, stimulate and fund medical research projects. Additionally, our Foundation widely provides information to PLN gene carriers on the latest developments in PLN research and connects fellow patients and their families to share experiences.

In addition to activities focused on medical research, the Foundation publishes a highly topical and informative website and periodic newsletters.

PLN patients

Our Foundation has a strong and active board that has by high-level medical, business and financial experience. Neither the board nor volunteers receive financial compensation or an expense allowance. The finances and activities of our Foundation are transparent and published in an annual report on our website.

Your contribution is important…

HELP our PLN Foundation!

Research is of importance for all aspects of life. However, our PLN research projects depend on your donations and sponsoring activities. After reading all the information on this website, we hope that you will get a warm heart for patients with PLN cardiomoypathy. Each donation for whatever reason, is directly invested in research to continue fighting against PLN disease processes and to finally find a method to cure this disease for PLN patients.

Please GIVE for a better life!

Are you considering making a periodic or one-time donation to our PLN genetic heart disease Foundation? Please contact us so that we can refer you to a local Funding network partner in your country to safely receive your donation or gifts. Many thanks in advance!

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