Rarely in our lifetime, are we given the opportunity to do something that will profoundly impact medicine and healthcare. There is an obvious need for a solution to reverse or repair damaged heart muscle. We have a responsibility to our current and future generations to pool our resources and efforts in order to create the best treatments possible for heart failure.

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TOGETHER… finding a solution for genetic heart disease

Our PLN transatlantic research project aims to gain insight and ultimately, find a solution that can treat genetic heart disease at its source, our mutated DNA. We have chosen to focus on the PLN gene, for several reasons:

PLN cardiomyopathy is a genetic disease with an early onset of symptoms that can lead to sudden death. Not many genetic cardiomyopathies have Foundations supporting research, so we are fortunate to have both a foundation and top-level researchers dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of PLN cardiomyopathy. Like most inherited heart diseases, the PLN mutation itself is rare, but what we learn from developing a treatment for this disease might also help patients suffering from other inherited cardiomyopathies.

As an inherited mutation, PLN cardiomyopathy is known to be common in certain families. Therefore, individuals can be diagnosed and treated early, even before experiencing any symptoms.

Patients already exhibiting disease symptoms, can undergo specific testing for particular disease indications. And, finally, genetic testing of family members of someone with the mutation can become routine care.

A defined patient population, a specific genetic mutation and outstanding researchers can only lead to great discoveries. We will be able to understand how our hearts function normally, as well as uncover what happens when it goes wrong. This will result in better identification and development of diagnostic tools, treatment parameters, and novel therapeutic targets, also for diseases other than heart diseases.

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Our unique transatlantic collaborative research project connects several parties, each of which contribute its own globally respected specialty, knowledge, experience and/or facilities to achieve a breakthrough that will make this dreadful PLN disease treatable.


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By sponsoring our PLN transatlantic research project, you will be investing in a unique opportunity to accelerate the development of a curative treatment for heart disease. Treating or, ultimately, preventing PLN associated heart disease by correcting the PLN mutation would be a powerful tool that can be adapted to treat other genetic diseases. Your crucial support of this project is invaluable to help eradicate one of the world’s most devastating diseases.

In return, you will receive personal progress reports and updates about the project and the opportunity to meet some of the talented scientists and learn more about their important work.


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